Why did we create Monsoon Madame Shapewear?

Have you ever bought shapewear only to find they just don’t work for your shape and stage of life (post-baby, perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause)?  They roll down from the waist or they roll up on your thigh and don’t solve ‘chub rub’. Wearing this shapewear feels like a punishment!

Have you ever bought shapewear that doesn’t work in our beautiful sub-tropical and tropical lifestyle? You sweat and embarrassingly you leave pools of moisture on any outdoor chair you sit on.

Have you found that after a few washes your $30-$40 shapewear loses its shape?

Such a waste of money!

Vicki – our founder, had terrible shapewear experiences and even avoided wearing summer dresses for years because she couldn’t find shapewear that worked, and she was so sick of red raw thighs and soggy seats. Many of her friends shared the same experiences.

We ALL deserve to wear beautiful dresses and feel confident and secure and fabulous…. whatever shape and whatever life-stage we are in.

This vexing problem was the inspiration and obsession behind Monsoon Madame.

Gee! Monsoon Madame shapewear costs more than other brands?

Yes, we agree but at Monsoon Madame we live by that old saying “buy once and buy well”.

How many pairs of shapewear have you thrown out (off to landfill) over the years because they just didn’t work?

Monsoon Madame is a ‘high-end’ shapewear garment that will last so you can enjoy many years of comfort, confidence, and fabulousness.  And here is why it is a premium product:

  • Unique waistband and leg design - no more embarrassing roll-up and roll-down and painful chub rub
  • Strong, high quality long-lasting material that ‘wicks’ sweat away from your body, keeping you cool.
  • 73% recycled material with sustainable natural bamboo fabric gusset
  • Made onshore in Australia  
  • Available in fun colours as well as classic colours

What is the story behind Monsoon Madame? for those people who like to know who they are buying from

After one too many painful and embarrassing shapewear disasters, our founder Vicki set about learning all she could about shapewear design and materials.

A fashion industry novice, Vicki - Mum to 3 wonderful sons, partner to the lovely Mick and a Project/Change Manager by profession - had to quickly learn all she could about how fashion works.

Vicki originally named the company ‘Thigh High’ with a tagline of “A high for your thighs” 

After some coaching from wise heads in the fashion world, the company name was changed to the much classier Monsoon Madame!

To solve the roll up/down issue, Vicki took over 2 years to test and refine the Monsoon Madame shapewear - partnering with a very talented Melbourne team called The Sample Room.

We researched widely to select a material that ‘wicks’ sweat away from your body, keeping you cool.

And because we care about our environmental footprint, we tried our hardest to find a smoothing material that uses some recycled material (73%), and we use a sustainable natural bamboo fabric for the gusset in the shapewear.  

Lastly, Vicki noticed that shapewear came in 2 colours – black and taupe – where is the fun in that? . Of course, it makes sense to have these colours in the range as they work well under certain colour garments, but life is too short not to have some fun and sexy colours as well.

The final product is now made in Australia to high quality standards and our aim is to keep our production onshore.

Monsoon Madame was proudly launched in May 2023, in Hervey Bay on the stunning sub-tropical Fraser Coast (Queensland) where Vicki and her team are based.

Can this shapewear be worn as active wear as well?

When we tested our shapewear across Australia, we started receiving feedback that people had worn their Monsoon Madame’s as outer-wear and not just as ‘under clothing’ smoothing shapewear.

Stories came to us of people wearing them to Pilates or on their weekly Park Run or out in the garden. People also wore them as casual ‘street wear’.  

This was a delightful discovery and so we now say to people we don’t care when and where you wear them. Just enjoy them!

The Monsoon Madame double waistband and leg band is different to many other shapewear brands so should I wear them differently?

YES. Monsoon Madame shapewear is designed to sit high, just under your bust/bra-line. This really makes a difference and gives you a lovely line and some gentle smoothing. So, go on and pull your Monsoon Madame’s up high and proud!

Where do you ship?

We ship World Wide - However we do offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia